Kim Jong-jin quit his job a decade ago to support his daughter’s budding snowboarding career.
It is the pinnacle of hubris for the world to continue to treat North Korea as if it were an ill child that simply needed
News outlets, famous authors and bloggers had to check their racial bias.
Consider the copycat tables turned.
Couples who wear leather together, stay together... Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been inseparable for quite some time
Californian music duo Brandon & Leah treat the What's Trending studio to a live performance of their song, "Showstopper," widely known as the theme song from Kourtney & Kim Take Miami.
I am resilient. I will recover from MacArthur's snub, as I do every year. But what message do they send to America's budding artists and scientists?
Predictions about the end of North Korea keep coming, but the truth about the regime seems to elude most analysts.