Kim Dotcom

The Megaupload founder's lawyers said their client would now be taking his case to the New Zealand Supreme Court.
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Admittedly, the news seems far more exciting in the current context than it was when Dotcom first announced he was building
The Megaupload founder revealed that all Megaupload servers at hosting provider LeaseWeb have been wiped "without warning," meaning that the data stored in those servers has been destroyed.
Established in 2005, Megaupload was shut down by federal authorities in January 2012 following a long-term investigation
In a statement to TechCrunch this week, Dotcom confirmed that he had ordered the staff of his file-hosting website Mega to
"As part of our request to the court," Rothken said, "we asked for discovery that was tailored not only to protecting Kim
Kim Dotcom, an Internet pioneer arrested in New Zealand more than a year ago for using his online file storage service Megaupload
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Mega is the new cloud-based venture from Dotcom, who saw his notable file-sharing site Megaupload shut down in January 2012