Kim Dotcom

The Megaupload founder's lawyers said their client would now be taking his case to the New Zealand Supreme Court.
In a January interview with the English-language TV station Russia Today, Dotcom spoke strongly about online privacy. "My
The Megaupload founder revealed that all Megaupload servers at hosting provider LeaseWeb have been wiped "without warning," meaning that the data stored in those servers has been destroyed.
LeaseWeb has not specified at what out-of-pocket cost the company kept Megaupload's servers running, but if it's anything
Though Dotcom says protecting people is paramount, he may also have removed the gun blueprints to avoid further legal trouble
"We're going to extend this to secure email which is fully encrypted so that you won't have to worry that a government or
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Even with the strong launch, Mega's success and its future still hinge on a few unresolved factors. For one, Dotcom faces
Dotcom was coy about the details of the launch party as builders put the finishing touches to a festival-sized concert stage
Ensuring that files are not pirated will be the job of content owners, a major change from Megaupload, which the U.S. film
As Dotcom's trial continues to sit in the court, Megaupload is said to be set to relaunch its service. According to The Huffington
As publicity around the new site swells, the New Zealand government has admitted that its Government Communications Security
Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom has dropped the biggest hint yet that his disruptive new music project is on schedule to launch
At least two helicopters, four police vans, police officers armed with semi-automatic weapons and several canines were used
The High Court has ruled the police raid on internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom's Auckland mansion was illegal and the removal
"This case was flawed from the start, once this case gets dismissed it cannot be fixed," Rothken said. Papers have been filed
In March, the Associated Press reported that a judge granted him access to NZ$60,000 ($46,600) per month as well as his 2011
It's time for the industry to start listening to what they have been told by their audience -- that there have to be new, better and more convenient ways to get access to content.
Dotcom, who is on bail in New Zealand pending an extradition hearing, says the company offered online storage and will fight