kim gordon

Like many of you out there, from the very first moment I heard The Teaches of Peaches, I was hooked. With the release of her first new album in six years, Rub, Peaches is back just as you remember her: Super. Fucking. Cool.
It's a kind of burlesque wrestling and it's amazing.
Kim Gordon: The Godmother of Grunge on Feminism in Rock Things on this front have been good: Last year, her friend Larry
It's hard to know just how many kids have been in the middle of a parent's infidelity because we don't know how many people are cheating; estimates are from around 25 percent to as high as 70 percent.
"I started out writing just for myself and I was maybe going to make an art project out of it or like a noir thriller, but
"It's a question you couldn't answer in two or three sentences or a paragraph. It's also kind of annoying. Women just want
There is nothing more terrifying than waiting for the answer to the "do you know who you remind me of/look like?" statement/question. You brace yourself for an answer that doesn't push you to Botox, Spanx and a wig, or at least I do.
“When this project came along, I thought maybe [Kim Gordon would] be interested and I asked her and she surprisingly said
Nirvana was the volatile powder keg that proved the catalyst to among the greatest music revolutions in rock history.
People were, quite reasonably, shocked. An upcoming exhibit at the behemoth gallery known as Gagosian has managed to wrinkle