Kimani Gray

A group brings the Black Lives Matter movement to Hollywood Blvd.
On Monday a grand jury chose not to indict Officer Darren Wilson, the white police officer who shot and killed Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager, on a street in Ferguson, Missouri, in August. Innumerable people were immediately outraged, erupting in fury. The criminal justice system must be reformed to promote civil rights for African Americans.
What exactly constitutes resisting an arrest? Do Americans really have any recourse at all when it comes to obeying an order from a police officer, even if it's just to ask a question or assert one's rights, or should we just "surrender quietly"?
In April, Gray's family filed a federal lawsuit against the NYPD. One of two New York City Police officers involved in the
We can see concepts and issues of oppression as a wheel with each of the separate spokes representing the numerous forms, which continually trample over the rights and the very lives of individuals and entire groups of people.
"The unlawful release of Kimani Gray's sealed juvenile record is an attempt by the NYPD to color public perception of yet
The undervaluing of black lives and race-based hate crimes remain a critical issue. How can a people be truly free if they are dehumanized, and even killed, because of their race, and often without consequence?
The movement must not stop with this verdict but continue on not only until each and every young man of color in America can walk the streets in any of our nation's neighborhoods unafraid, knowing not only that he is safe, but also that as a nation we no longer tolerate the unfairness facing them but will ensure opportunities to thrive.
On March 9, Gray was shot by two plainclothes officers who since the shooting, allege the teenager pulled a gun as they approached
Gray's mother said she did not condone the violence that erupted at some of the demonstrations, but instead wants answers
Neither Kelly nor New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a proponent of stop and frisk, attended the funeral. On Saturday
I need to help him deconstruct the many mixed messages that abound about the black male as constructed through the white gaze -- in popular culture, in the media and in real life.
The NYPD has initiated an internal affairs investigation, which is standard procedure after a shooting. Montgomery and Gray’s
Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who said a "full and fair" investigation into the shooting would be conducted, urged community members
By Bryan Graham, DNAinfo The city's Office of the Chief Medical Examiner found that Gray was hit in the back of his left
Sandra Mitchelin, 42, a community member who helped organize the vigil and said Gray was "like my son," said the teens grew
"I don't what he was up to last night. I don't know what happened," said Nunes, his voice trembling. "He was respectful, but