We'd all feel Kimberly's pain having to stand next to Mrs. Jolie-Pitt. But looking at her here on the red carpet, Kimberly served up a nice slice of side-dish, doing all wives, moms, and plus ones proud.
VS: My mother was a singer, and we grew up watching her sing in public, so it seemed obvious that I should include an image of my daughter -- who also sings -- performing.
In seven short years Miami Basel has become America's most important art fair with a huge international audience and it turns out that the art is not the only worth staring at.
n Joel Tauber's latest series, "My Lonely Tree," he falls in love with and cares for, a tree. Yet unlike the sad polar bear sitting on a diminishing icecap, his images are right in our backyard, something we might drive around and miss otherwise.
2007-10-20-image2pull.jpgThe compulsion we have as a society to create and therefore destroy ourselves has inspired most of my recent paintings.
It's one thing to find your voice, and another to have something to say.