There were fewer people at the #KimExposedTaylorParty than you'd think.
You will be a shadow as the bright lights of 2016 rise above the almond orchards you forgot to water. Clouds will rain love. People will find gratefulness in the smiles of children. Hugs will replace high fives.
Imagine if your only superpower was predicting what celebrities will name their kids.
U.S. parents have been naming their babies Saint for well over a century.
Having a wedding can cost tens of thousands of dollars, but for a model known as the “Kim Kardashian of China” -- her wedding cost tens of millions
What’s more exciting than a pregnant celebrity? The name they give that newborn ray of sunshine
We're one small step closer to understanding Jaden Smith, and yet we've only scratched the surface. We're also into the fact
The comedian told Norton that when meeting the couple during the gala itself, she became completely fake. "You know when