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There is more to be done, but the FDA response to KIND, and their commitment to reevaluate the regulatory definition of "healthy" in light of current evidence and understanding, is meaningful progress, and full of promise for more.
So if you want to get the scoop on the latest trends before the rest of your OMies, here are five reasons to head to a yoga festival:
You Are Loved Foods has the most delicious treats that are 100% FREE of gluten, grain, starch, soy, dairy, xylitol and erythritol
And, hey, maybe you'll get distracted by some healthy food along the way.
I don't know... wasn't it Joni Mitchell who said we are all just stardust? Made from molecules from the big bang? And to
-fin One more thing to chew on here. Does anyone think that some agent at the FDA with nothing better to do just suddenly
This story was updated to add commentary from Marion Nestle. A letter explaining all of the FDA’s objections was posted on
“In the beginning, we would do unexpected kind acts for people, like carrying their groceries or holding umbrellas over them
Check out more photos of the UCLA oasis below. With final exams just one week away, UCLA's campus is filled with students
Too often, we are led to believe that strength is best demonstrated by exerting dominance or superiority over others, while kindness is portrayed as the opposite -- a sign of weakness.
We decided to round up the best-sounding granola bars to conduct a blind taste test and determine which actually taste the
I am headed to Paris with my daughter on Friday. A serial traveler, I pack for every conceivable in-flight situation. And, I dress in way that is at once comfortable and chic. Just in case Robert Pattinson or Karl Lagerfeld should sit near us on the flight.