kindness of strangers

only kindness that ties your shoes Then it is only kindness that makes sense anymore, "Do you know anywhere I can get something
Fear of strangers has no place in Markus' vision of the world. Anything but reckless, he is in fact counting on human kindness. He also rejoices that his muscles alone will power him for ±1,800 days through every conceivable environment.
I get to see my sweetheart after the journey, so I have additional incentive to get to the rails on time. I am a "regular
Maybe New Yorkers have gotten a bad rap. In fact, the folks in my building, not 40 stories, but a more humane 10, are pretty friendly. In the hallway or elevator, neighbors say, "Good morning," or "Have a good day."
In 67 blocks, that man had picked up the shattered pieces of my awful day and pieced them together in a way that made my life feel manageable again.
The video is reminiscent of the Dove's "Real Beauty Sketches" campaign, which used a similar tactic to promote the tagline
"There was a card in it, addressed to me and my husband, saying [the car] was for us, because we'd had such a hard time lately
The aircraft was filling fast and it looked like it was going to be a cheek-by-jowl flight -- not an empty seat to be had
We were from opposite sides of the world and strangers who could hardly speak a word of each other's language. Yet for those six days, she treated me with a mother's love and tenacity, as if I were her daughter.
A waiter at a Boston-area restaurant witnessed an act of kindness on Tuesday night that's warmed hearts across the internet.
"While waiting tables tonight, a mother and daughter started crying mid-meal. I had no idea what happened until a single
Via Reddit This is just the lastest in a string of serial tippings that aim to give waiters around the country their just
An anonymous person left a sweet note along with an unlimited metro card -- prepaid -- for another rider to use and pass on.
I told the story in the teachers' room the next morning, where my friends and colleagues listened with tears in their eyes and joy in their hearts. Those teachers, like me, walked a little taller that day.
People that we don't really know actually mean more to us than we realize, especially after they disappear into the next life or they fall into some invisible black hole that scoops them up, or they just move to another neighborhood.
Attempting to drive an Alfa Romeo station wagon through the ancient villages of seaside Italy, I felt like a morbidly obese woman trying on skinny jeans.
It's time to remind ourselves that the human race isn't defined by its worst elements. Instead, let's remember that displays
In what cities is a needy stranger more likely to receive help? What sort of community teaches a citizen to withhold compassion toward strangers? Dr. Robert Levine has spent much of the past two decades systematically exploring these questions.
If it wasn't enough that I was young and clearly a college student, I was also wearing a bright pink T-shirt proclaiming