As the punning title suggests, this thoughtfully installed exhibition is concerned with the interplay between materiality and virtuality, content and form, and meaning and sensory perception.
Go to any tech conference these days and you are likely to hear plenty of talk about platforms, software development kits (SDKs), and application programming interfaces (APIs).
All in all, the only restriction to this hardware is its battery life, but with the up and coming long range wireless chargers we have seen at CES 2015, even that problem will be solved soon.
The company's new patent brings us one step closer to "Minority Report."
By the time Microsoft bought Rare in 2002, the game developer had already created numerous popular video game franchises
"We're building the future of human-computer interaction and we're excited about how new computer interfaces will shape our
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Good news for Xbox fans. Microsoft announced that, starting in June, it will no longer require a $60-a-year Xbox Live Gold
Although the One has its flaws, it's important to remember where the Xbox 360 was when it started, and how far it's come
The Xbox has taken yet another step beyond just playing games. "We believe that IT should be used to improve daily life for
So Xbox One for me in November. Entertainment center: I don't watch a lot of TV, I have some broadcasting channels and even
Using the Xbox One and the new Kinect to implement Microsoft's newly patented "ecosystem" falls in line with comments made
Hyping the Xbox One's ability to be an "all-in-one entertainment system," Microsoft showed off a console that is capable
Some people procrastinate from their homework by watching Netflix. Some people sleep. YouTube user Mizirk makes programs
Though you might initially think that Digits is going to be little more than a cool way to shoot a gun in the next Halo, the
Chad Ruble's mother had a stroke some years ago and was left with aphasia. Ordinary phone conversation and email pose challenges. Chad built a system that helps his mother "Kinecticate" with her friends and family.
Either way, there's one thing most of us can agree on: we love to watch epic video game fails. Whether a Wii remote flies