king arthur

The mythical epic starring Charlie Hunnam in the titular role was critically drubbed.
Blistering reviews and lukewarm box-office forecasts don't bode well.
I always find Tintagel Castle, on the rugged coast in Southwest England, evocative and brooding...especially in gloomy weather
“It is showing there could indeed be some truth behind the earliest stories about King Arthur’s birth."
If those dolmens were tombs, the acidic soil of Brittany has long eaten away the human bones. The dolmens are usually made
Connection to my books: No direct connection, though it is mentioned in Daughter of Destiny, the first book in this series
On January 1, my debut novel, Daughter of Destiny was published. It's the first book in an Arthurian legend historical fantasy trilogy which tells Guinevere's life story from her point of view, beginning at age 11 and continuing into her 50s.
Stumbling upon evocative and offbeat corners of Europe as a teenaged vagabond, I realized my niche in life: discovering, and then sharing, the best of Europe.
Owen was direct, perhaps a bit shy, and possessed of a dry, sardonic sense of humor. He continues to be one of the most interesting actors working today, never playing the same type of role twice.