King Charles III

The new monarch's coronation is expected to be shorter and less extravagant than the three-hour ceremony that installed Elizabeth in 1953.
The release came ahead of the queen’s burial site opening to visitors next week as Windsor Castle reopens to the public.
The previously unreleased picture from Buckingham Palace honors Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip in a special way.
Lawmakers also spoke about the link between the monarchy and colonization.
The Prince of Wales told mourners, "Thank you. It means an awful lot."
The new monarch and his siblings, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward stood watch at Westminster Hall.
So-called "pengate" probably wasn't part of the plan.
The black-clad guard was holding a ceremonial staff when he appeared to faint.
Queen Elizabeth’s children and grandchildren marched behind her coffin as she left Buckingham Palace one last time in a somber military pageant.
“He knew his mother couldn’t last forever,” the former U.K. prime minister said of the new monarch.