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Boasting about all of this is easy. It really rocks with you, takes you back in the day, and lasts long after its hour-and
The people around Jackson were just unreal; it was like some sort of a cult. All efforts to obtain a replacement aircraft
There's too much to say about him and his artistry. I'm running out of words. I'll say this though - he gave the best Superbowl
Hollywood has decided that they, alone, will define and explain MJ's blackness in a way that is comfortable for them and concealing the truth about who he really was. So, who was Michael Jackson?
In 1992, following the production of his music video for Remember the Time in which he appeared as an entertainer for a pharaoh, Michael Jackson went on a tour of Africa, starting in Gabon. The Ambassador to Gabon, Keith L. Wauchope, recalls the time he had this brush with the King in an interview with ADST in 2002.
Colony Capital, the company that owns a controlling interest in the property, is considering the move. The firm became Neverland’s managing partner after striking a 23-and-a-half million dollar deal with Jackson in 2008.
In the video's description posted by user Doc Genesis, and self-identified as Vernon Jackson, he writes that the fraternities
Four years ago, the untimely passing of Michael Jackson sent a shockwave through the entire globe. Many tears were shed by his adoring fans. Impromptu celebrations transpired across the world to honor his grand memory.
Jim Barnes, the awards director, said the number of independent publishers is growing along with the quality of their work
Dennis Christen, producer of Paris's upcoming film, "Lundon's Bridge and the Three Keys," adapted from his fantasy book series