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The deceased were accused of belonging to militant groups and crimes such as murder.
The United Arab Emirates, the Saudis’ closest partner, and its Washington agents are offering authoritarians a road map to preserving impunity and ties to the West.
The Ritz-Carlton is "among the most majestic five-star hotels in Saudi Arabia."
Prince Mohammed bin Salman replaced Prince Mohammed bin Nayef in the role.
He began in Saudi Arabia with a sword dance and a glowing orb.
In his telephone discussions with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Saudi Arabian King Salman last weekend, President Trump reportedly raised a plan for the creation of safe zones to protect vulnerable Syrian populations.
Q: Because tomorrow's preachers and Shari'ah judges are being trained there? Animated video promoting tolerance among Saudi
In fact, the Obama administration, which chastised Russia for killing civilians in Syria, is becoming embarrassed by the
The Twitter data about Iran, considered in light of the skew toward older Saudis in the telephone survey, also hints at a