The half-brother of King Abdullah II unleashed an unprecedented public criticism of the country's ruling system.
JapaneseEmperor Akihito is stepping down from the throne.
Joanna currently resides in Los Angeles with her daughter, Stella, and devotes her rare free time doing yoga, advocating for Breast Cancer Awareness and walking her two rescue dogs, Australian Shepherd mix, Maisie, and a Maltipoo named Honey Bee.
You'll recognize Joanna Going as First Lady Tricia Walker opposite Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright and Michel Gill in Netflix's Emmy nominated series House of Cards.
"The fact that we're having a conversation that it's a big deal is a testament to how much work we need to do."
Nick Jonas has played two young gay men on TV this year, but the 23-year-old actor says there's more to what motivates his
Set to a soundtrack mix composed by Kingdom, the OC runway show featured New York City Ballet dancers starting off with a series of (not-so-seemingly) intentional falls. These fake-outs were part of a modern dance routine orchestrated by renowned choreographer Justin Peck.
The Shift is here! We The People have taken back our Power, found our voice, accepted that we are called and are "joining" together. We are brilliant, we are principled, we are fearless, we are visionaries AND we are unstoppable.
"We will see," a semi-coy Jonas answered. h/t Towleroad Come the show's Oct. 8 premiere, you bet we will. "Is he, like, bi