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Health experts say we need to regulate cannabis products to make them safer to use.
These changes in brain connectivity may be responsible for a patient's long-term recovery from mental illness.
A new study poses an intriguing question: Does gum disease accelerate cognitive decline in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease? The answer may be found in inflammation.
Radhanath Swami spoke at King's College Dental Institute on the 30/11/2015. This article was written by the Radhanath Swami
Other students agreed with my assessment. An American female student studying in Britain and who attended my talk commented
Currently, the disease is diagnosed with a variety of physical, neurological, and cognitive tests. In the past researchers
Social media constitute the virtual battlefield in a struggle against terrorism that shows no signs of becoming less fierce. Once the foreign fighters now engaged in the Syrian war turn elsewhere, they will find numerous paths to follow, perhaps urged forward by their social media cheerleaders.
Researchers have been attempting to explain or prove its existence since at least 1944.
CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article stated that Alan Turing broke the Nazi Enigma code. The breakthrough of the
In case you have not noticed, 2009 has been The Year of Sputtering Rage. Talk radio lives on it. The evening news seems calculated to foment it. Senate Republicans would be utterly lost without it.