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V is for Vampire Weekend 1. Walcott 2. Giving up the Gun 3. Step 4. M79 5. Diplomat's Son 6. Unbelievers 7. Horchata X is
Grammy award winning American rock band Kings of Leon stopped by AOL's Build Series on 10/13/16 to promote their new album, WALLS. The four members of the band are the Followill brothers: Caleb, Jared, and Nathan, as well as their cousin, Matthew Followill.
While exploring your inner child, you can dance to this mood-swinging album while listening to Baylin's luscious voice that adopts the qualities of some of her favorite singers -- Astrud Gilberto, Billie Holiday, Dusty Springfield and Stevie Nicks.
Like KONGOS, the Californian duo Freedom Fry will make you feel good about yourself -- even if it's just temporary.
Chicago rockers Bailiff are one of the most exciting up-and-coming rock groups the world has seen in a while, and it doesn't take an expert to understand why.
As the Chicago skyline shone directly to my west, thousands of teens and 20-somethings wearing plastic wristbands streamed past me. Some waved open purses and backpacks in my direction, assuming I was there to inspect both. When I did neither, their pace quickened.
As the warm summer months steadily approach, it's time to partake in some festive outdoor activities in an effort to soak
Kings of Leon wrote a song for "August: Osage County."
Kings of Leon have released the music video for the band's upcoming single, "Beautiful War," off their most recent album
On Saturday, Dec. 14, Goodman will host "SNL" for the 13th time. The Kings of Leon will be the musical guest during Goodman's
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The following article is provided by Rolling Stone. LINK: In Photos: At Home with Kings of Leon The Kings are back on the
During a Tuesday performance on BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge, Kings of Leon broke from the promotion of their upcoming album
What used to be a beautiful field filled with grass and, I'm assuming, Julie Andrews singing to the Swiss Alps, was now a lake of mud. People in ponchos (clear, so you can still see their festival fashion!) were knee-deep in liquid field.
Sunday's tantalizing lineup turned out to be the best of the fest, though. Solid early sets were offered up by brassy, ballsy
The Gulf Shores crowd seemed appreciative anyway, so maybe they fully deserved Caleb Followill's compliment. On a day of
Live shows are the prime opportunity for fans to get some facetime with their favorite musicians -- but some inevitably get
Today in fun Twitter jokes: Kings of Leon bassist Jared Followill took to social media to admit that he was simply too intoxicated
Speaking of which, festivalgoers will naturally be able to taste wine from over 40 local wineries. (SCROLL DOWN FOR FULL