Kink is about fantasy, yes, but people also base their play on some very harsh realities... [and it's] no stranger to ideas and activities that are potentially offensive and triggering.
When ones lifestyle does not fall within the range of what society deems normal, one must work a little harder to get the
"Vanilla people" are starting to act a little kinky, and that's a good thing for everyone wondering what's OK in a sexual relationship.
Photographer Daniel Handal documents an underground world in which being yourself means becoming someone else.
I've concluded is that my kinkiness and my depression are related--in that they're of a piece with who I am. I don't get to pick and choose these facets of my identity, so they have to learn to coexist. I try not to play if I'm so depressed that I feel disoriented, or unfocused, or angry with myself.
Consent works the same way in the kink world as it does in the vanilla world. If you don't know what your partner likes or wants, ask. With your words.
Reading through the "we were wrong" headlines, it's clear that the masses are wondering: How could it be that someone who was public and likable and funny and into consent was allegedly raping his coworkers and other women?
I find it beautiful and exciting that my wife is attracted to other genders, and I'm fortunate that she feels the same way about me. For us, this is an integral part of who we are.