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…And this desire to protect male power and vilify women. You see it in our film: the incredible backlash that survivors face
Has rape awareness and prevention become a cause for you? How would winning an Oscar change your life? How did you get Lady
As the credits begin to run for Spotlight you are presented with hundreds of cities, states and nations affected by the Church's denial. But as Robbie points out -- everyone knew something was going on.
A portion of "The Hunting Ground" chronicles how Tallahassee police and Florida State University officials handled an alleged
If you still think rape culture is some sort of exaggerated feminist faux-conspiracy, The Hunting Ground will dissuade you of that belief.
Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering now shift the focus to sexual assault on the American college campus with their new film, The Hunting Ground, a Radius TWC release that premiered at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival and opened in theatrical release February 27.
Sexual assault happens to men as well, and that's shown briefly in the movie. How important was it to explore that side? Once
"It Happened Here" will air for the first time on Wednesday night at 9 p.m. EST on Pivot. "Sexual assault on American college
The end of "Military Sexual Trauma" and "MST" can happen virtually overnight, provided that each of us commits to keeping those euphemisms out of our mouths and off our computer screens.
Kirby Dick spoke with me about The Invisible War's success, the courage of the soldiers who shared their stories, and what it will take to make sure these victims are no longer invisible to the press, the public and those in power.
I urge every American to watch The Invisible War and hear the stories therein. And to those few in the position to influence this year's Oscar considerations, I urge you to consider what your vote in the documentary category can mean for America
David Kirby says his film shows the problem of systemic sexual assault is in the military.
I had a fabulous time covering the Provincetown International Film Festival (PIFF), where I had candid conversations with celebrities and filmmakers being honored this year.
The Invisible War interweaves devastating statistics with the personal stories of a group of women and one man. Their lives have been forever altered by "soul-shattering" violations from those they had believed to be a trusted family -- the military.
The Invisible War won the Festival Audience Award for documentaries at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival and is a powerful and scathing exposé going after the epidemic of sexual assault in the armed forces.
Kirby Dick's shocking documentary, The Invisible War, details a small part of what seems like an epidemic -- not just of sexual assault in the military but of the closed-ranks mentality that keeps the outrage from bubbling into public view.
Dick: Afghanistan -- There was the moment when Kori Cioca [the central woman featured in the film] broke down, and [Ziering
This documentary is a sneaky peak (seriously, there's spying and binoculars and trash diving) into the MPAA rating system, with the most attention focused on the dreaded NC-17 rating.
While most people have not heard of them, most of the artists I'm referring to are not new to Youtube. They have been on
And the main reason is because hatred/fear of gays is running neck-and-neck with hatred/fear of government for the most defining, unifying characteristic of the "modern" republican party.