Kirsten Haglund

"This is about more than the next election; it’s about the world I want the daughter I’ll have someday to grow up in."
Eating disorders happen behind closed doors. Signs are frequently overlooked (particularly among minorities), even by medical professionals... until the damage is undeniable.
I walk because the average age a girl begins to diet today 8-years-old and 42 percent of first through third grade girls want to be thinner. I walk because 30 million people in the United States, men and women, will struggle with an eating disorder in their lifetime.
Added Haglund, "I knew from the moment I met this young woman and I saw her compete that she was destined for the Miss America
Kirsten Haglund was thrust into the spotlight when she won the 2008 Miss America crown in front of more than 19 million viewers
Have you struggled with disordered eating or know somebody who has? Share your story below. The Daily Free Press, at Boston
This is National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, sponsored by the National Eating Disorders Organization. There are a number of events taking place all across the country in honor of this week.