We all need help maintaining our personal spiritual practice. We hope that these Daily Meditations, prayers and mindful awareness
It all makes sense, when you think about it. L.A. has always been a cauldron of creativity and global communication. If the city can beam movies, music and TV shows around the world, why not the wisdom of the Vedic seers?
We live in a hurry-up world -- and so do our children. How can we, as families, slow down, connect with each other and ourselves, and enjoy the present moment?
Awareness can come at any time, at any price, but for an expedited path to true happiness, my money's on meditation.
If you think you've tried everything to relax, consider looking to other countries for ideas.
From Sept. 6 through 9, about 3,000 people will descend on the high desert above Palm Springs for the fourth annual Bhakti Fest.
Although Sharon Salzberg's quiet, contemplative teachings appear to be in strong contrast with Krishna Das' kirtan, which often generates ecstatic dancing and emotions, both help harness the mind and focus one's awareness.
"How good it is when brothers and sisters dwell together in harmony." That was the huge banner hanging on the back wall of the church. Picture it: friendly people eager for a group experience of divine love. I wasn't feeling it.
I learned that kirtan is a spiritual practice similar to meditation but considered by some to be much more enjoyable because it involves singing, and singing, he says, makes you thoughtless.
There was no Krishna Das in 1968. There was only my contemporary, an equally miserable rock-and-roll kid named Jeffrey Kagel. Luckily, Kagel met Ram Das, just back from his first trip to India.
this week I'm on tour playing guitar with Krishna Das. Hanging with KD and the posse is always about dharma and music mixed together --- my favorite combo.
At first listen, Heart... does not strike you in the way KD's Rick Rubin-produced albums, Breath of the Heart and Door of
We are always who we are. We are not what we do. These practices give us the strength to love totally and completely. But we have to to create pathways for the love to flow to our own hearts.
All too often, however, spirituality reinforces rather than transcends conventional limits, boundaries, and notions of the ego. Sandwiched in between manicures and lunch dates, the quickie yoga class becomes just another way to augment and reinforce the self.
Krishna Das will remind you that it's not about that feeling. It's not about getting high from this feeling. You feel good
As with meditation, the intent of chanting is to calm and focus the mind, relieving it from its usual chatter -- grocery