kitchen appliances

No, they're not the same. Once and for all, here are the best culinary uses for each appliance.
My refrigerator died recently. It was sudden, but not surprising. Although I was never sure of her exact age, she had to be over 10, and thus based on the life expectancy of mid-range appliances, quite elderly. Until she passed, she never gave me a moment's worry.
As you edge closer to 30, you should start getting your house in check, especially when it comes to matters of the kitchen. Exploring domesticity just before you hit the big 3-0 can be exciting, liberating even.
We pored over manuals and talked to experts to find out the mistakes we all make -- and how to achieve toast nirvana.
We are all master chefs thanks to the rice cooker.
To cook well, you need three things: fresh ingredients, simple techniques, and a few, high quality tools. Having the right equipment makes doing the job that much better. Be it a well seasoned pan or a casserole dish that's been passed down, great kitchenware makes cooking a joy.
4. Make your own candles If you're not satisfied with Yankee Candle's nauseatingly extensive catalog, create your own custom
In the next 5 years, I envision a continuation of color, finish and material advances for appliances. I think kitchen appliances
SPECIAL FROM Cooking for one or two? Step away from the stove and give your other household appliances some