UPDATED: KitchenAid Black Friday deals 2018 to wow your foodie friends 🍪🍰
There’s something on sale for every type of user 💻
The early bird gets a better selection of worms 🎁
Today's appliances -- like many consumer products -- are built to break. It is not a matter of consumers mistreating their products. It is designed to maximize corporate profits. This is a concept called "planned obsolescence."
As I was scraping minuets of crust to the fork's tines so as not to leave a crumb on the plate, Daisy of Downton was unboxing an electrical hand mixer.
The first 2012 presidential debate was the most Tweeted-about event in U.S. politics history. And what were we Tweeting about? Big Bird, largely.
Having a stand mixer is pretty badass. When you've got one in your kitchen you know (or at least, you'd like to believe) that
Look, our vegetarian friends notwithstanding, we all want to roast a whole pig. There's something primordially appealing
These are 10 surprising products still made in America: While some companies are considering returning jobs to the U.S., some
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Delicious food, cooking and writing about it is a way of life for me. When the opportunity arose to review KitchenAid's new 13-Cup Food Processor, I was ecstatic.