You likely won't see this kind of markdown on KitchenAids until Black Friday.
UPDATED: KitchenAid Black Friday deals 2018 to wow your foodie friends 🍪🍰
There’s something on sale for every type of user 💻
Today's appliances -- like many consumer products -- are built to break. It is not a matter of consumers mistreating their products. It is designed to maximize corporate profits. This is a concept called "planned obsolescence."
And it's an answered prayer for cooks with tiny kitchens.
As I was scraping minuets of crust to the fork's tines so as not to leave a crumb on the plate, Daisy of Downton was unboxing an electrical hand mixer.
The first 2012 presidential debate was the most Tweeted-about event in U.S. politics history. And what were we Tweeting about? Big Bird, largely.
Having a stand mixer is pretty badass. When you've got one in your kitchen you know (or at least, you'd like to believe) that