kitty genovese

A famous murderer just died in prison, but it was his victim who led to real change.
Many of the Yik Yaks of the world will continue to exist in the near future, but in time only as the seedy side of the Internet, the lawless part of town where law-abiding citizens with conscience choose not to frequent.
Today, some scholars suggest that "the Internet desensitizes us to shocking images and diminishes our empathic skills.
In 1990, 25 years after Moseley murdered Kitty Genovese, he brought a pro se habeas corpus petition in the Brooklyn federal court seeking his freedom. I got the Moseley case.
The Genovese story left me and many other New Yorkers with troubling questions. How would I react to a similar situation, especially one in which the actual level of danger -- to the possible victim or to myself for intervening -- were unclear?
2012-03-02-Screenshot20120302at3.54.21PM.jpgIf you can't take advantage of the festival's NYC-based screenings, many of these films have a good shot at being picked up for U.S. theatrical and online distribution.
The fall of college football icon Joe Paterno continues to be America's most-watched story. Why does the chronicle of yet another fallen hero resonate with us? What does this say about the pulse of America?