Kitty Kelley

"I don't think that a woman has the sole right to say what should happen to her body."
By the time we got there, the tent at Gardiner's Farm was chockablock with browsers and book buyers, especially at one table
The difference between authorized and unauthorized biographies is the difference between riding in carriage or squatting
Ms. Esters was both forthcoming and candid in sharing with me her conflicted feelings about Oprah and in revealing to me the identity of Oprah's biological father, which I promised her I would not divulge in my book.
Oprah dismissed Kitty Kelley's controversial book about her at a luncheon Monday afternoon in New York. Oprah and Gayle -- who
When Kitty Kelley decided to write about Oprah it was out of admiration. But guardedness can backfire, and Oprah's attempt to be self-protective may have pissed people off.
Kitty Kelley talked to Oprah's Aunt Katharine for her new book, a biography of Oprah, and Aunt Katharine had plenty to say
In Kitty Kelley's Preface to her new Oprah book, she says it was hard to get people to talk because everybody was afraid
WASHINGTON -- Celebrity chronicler Kitty Kelley is doing what she often does when one of her unauthorized blockbuster biographies
Oprah dismissed Kelley's book last month, calling it a "so-called biography" and mocking Kelley's claim that she knew who