klaus biesenbach

Four years after Superstorm Sandy, Berlin-based artist Katharina Grosse is reminding us that the damage to New York's Rockaway Beach is still very real.
Yoko Ono claims to be one of the pioneers of performance art but the truth is that her art is a conflation of 'ready-made' indexicality and a projection of her own persona into that same indexicality.
11. JiaJia Fei Guggenheim Digital Marketing Manager 3. Simon de Pury Auctioneer, curator, collector 4. Shantell Martin Illustrator
You know summer in New York has officially arrived when Klaus Biesenbach starts rolling out the Instagrams. The exhibition
The show displayed the immense amount of correspondence documenting the second attempt at obtaining a body, sufficiently
Reading about Swinton's collaboration with MoMA, I couldn't help but reminisce about a certain afternoon back in 1996 that I spent in the company of Quentin Crisp where sleep would also prove to be transformative -- for me.
Abramović can be viewed as a study in neediness, only partially assuaged by a designer-clothes-buying binge. But her brave attention-getting strategies defy pathography.
Check out works from the silent auction below: L to R: Michael Stipe, Cindy Sherman, Mike Starn. Photograph courtesy of Patrick
Earlier this year, MoMA put on "Swanlights," described as "a large-scale concert and performance event" at Radio City Music