klay thompson

The Golden State Warriors won 106-105 against the Toronto Raptors on Monday night.
The trash-talking game within the game continued as the Raptors took a 2 games to 1 lead.
Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant got sweet revenge on the trash-talking, Raptors-loving rapper, who'd trolled the visitors in the previous game.
What makes Golden State truly outstanding is its commitment to dominant defense.
Long ago, Public Enemy penned the lyric "Don't believe the hype". It was a lesson lost on a confused Warrior fan base whose pre-fab narrative is "Everything has changed, it's a completely new era." The Cavs successfully proved otherwise.
The two-time reigning league MVP has seen his scoring and assists plummet during the finals.
By any measure, they have set a standard at the highest level within their sport and perhaps for any sport, while being immensely entertaining to watch.
Only Wilt Chamberlin has also done what the 24-year-old just did.
The problem for the Cavs is that their personnel can't match up defensively with the Warriors because they insist on playing Kyrie (38 min) and Kevin Love (37 min) -- heavy minutes. And the Warriors are incredibly disciplined about punishing bad defenders.
If any team can withstand the loss of the playmaking dynamo, it's this one.