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Ellen Pao opens up about her time at a prestigious venture capital firm. It was horrifying.
When half the world's population have no role models of their own gender in important industries, it is more difficult to develop a culture of success.
“You are not alone. There are millions of women and men who are supporting you and want you to succeed."
"You pay a million dollars in taxes, you get a million votes," businessman Tom Perkins proposed.
"Settlement might have provided me with financial benefits, but only at the great cost of silence."
Silicon Valley is enamored of “disrupters,” those shrewd, brave men — it is almost always men — who are hailed for enduring
Pao sought to illustrate her point with testimony during the five-week-long trial from former Kleiner partner, Trae Vassallo
The firm disputed those charges, presenting evidence that Kleiner went out of its way to hire women. The jury in California
-Deeply detailed information on 105 million for sale, off market, and foreclosed homes with more property attributes and
For John Doerr of Kleiner Perkins, it was Twitter. For Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures, it was Airbnb, the home-rental
Venture capitalist Ellen Pao is suing her employer, Kleiner Perkins, for gender discrimination and retaliation following
High-profile venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers today unequivocally denied the accusations of its partner
What else can the tech world do to engage more women to start and lead companies?
The vast majority of VC funding came out of Silicon Valley, with the New York Metro area and Texas coming in second and third, respectively.
The fact that many companies have business relationships with AT&T should not be seen as an excuse for them to take a position that will hurt millions of consumers while changing the landscape of the wireless business by consolidating control into two companies.
The bidding has gotten more intense from what we're hearing. Russian firm DST, among others, submitted offers to invest valuing