The new "Star Trek" is here, but is CBS making it hard to discover?
I was recently interviewed by religious studies PhD student Andrew Henry for his unique vlog, "Religion for Breakfast." We talked about applying social simulation to the study of religion.
There’s no official word on when the new drink will be available to U.S. consumers, but fans are encouraged to check The
INDIAN TRAIL, N.C. (AP) — Call it a politician boldly going where no one has gone before. Waddell says he also needs to devote
Netflix removed "Star Trek III: The Search For Spock" from its site temporarily on Tuesday morning because there were issues with the translations of Vulcan and Klingon in the movie's subtitles, the company told The Huffington Post on Thursday. The movie returned to the site Wednesday evening.
"We were able to quickly track down translations and the title is back up and available for streaming," a Netflix representative
Ask any Comic-Con survivor, and they'll tell you that the worst things about the week are all of the people and all of those peoples' smells. Yes, the Convention Center contains a veritable wonderland of fragrances.
WASHINGTON -- Ready for a wacky weekend? We can't make up these events: Dupont Circle plays host to an open call for Klingon
Invented languages are perfect for science fiction and fantasy -- they force us to think in cultural terms different from our own.
Shakespeare's plays have been the stuff of inspiration for playwrights, composers, and film directors. Here are a few of the best and worst attempts to re-imagine the Bard.
If you need a reminder of what Klingon sounds like, check out the war song below. The tours, running through Nettle Cave
Here's a screenshot from the site: TweetInKlingon, developed by Cryptic Studios in collaboration with Friend2Friend, will
The thing Star Trek does better than most anything is enable you hold a mirror up to our culture and show its deepest -- oftentimes hidden -- flaws
After years of inactivity, Star Trek has been re-energized by J.J. Abrams, and supposedly transformed in such a way that connects it to its roots while making it relevant again.
Thirty years ago, ABC-TV delighted and outraged sci-fi fans with its new series, Battlestar Galactica, a lovable beneficiary of Star Wars' success. Happy Birthday, BG!