A trekkie in Spokane, Washington, has been charged with assault after allegedly swinging a Klingon bat'leth at the victim
With the release of the digitally remastered Blu-rays, it's easy to see why the show became so phenomenally popular and endures today as a meaningful chunk of the Star Trek legacy.
Bob Calhoun's got a new book out called Shattering Conventions: Commerce, Cosplay, and Conflict on the Expo Floor, and we thought we would pick his brain about the crazy world of fan boys and girls, expos, trade show and conventions.
The conventional wisdom about the Star Trek movies starring the cast of the original TV show was that the even-numbered films were the good ones and the odd-numbered ones kind of sucked.
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He saw a quote by Stewart where he told the press that all the kings, emperors and romantic parts he had played elsewhere