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British Airways, KLM and Emirates are among the companies steering clear of the area as tensions run high.
Tight quarters where everyone is stuck for hours with no place to go except maybe the bathroom can make it a prime place to meet people. Now, let's make this merger happen, eh?
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WATCH the video, above. Like Us On Facebook Follow Us On Twitter If you've ever wanted to see people brought to tears by
"Our main goal is to return lost items to the owner as fast as possible," Sandra List, a member of KLM's "Team Lost & Found
According to KLM's website, the new fee for bags is in effect for flights booked on or after April 22, 2013. The cost of
Even if Delta retains its corporatist image and mediocre product quality, though, the prospect of being able to accrue, redeem and enjoy benefits on Virgin Atlantic makes Delta's frequent flyer program, SkyMiles, and its alliance network, SkyTeam, much more attractive for transatlantic fliers.
Communities are so used to being abused that you'll be surprised and insulted by the level of caution, dread, and mistrust you'll wander into, even if your intentions are pure and you're just looking for ways to discover, engage, and help folks online.
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Here's to sitting back in the stratosphere and enjoying the moment on a plane -- alone.
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is developing a service by which passengers can select seatmates via social media, according to
Even Gerard Depardieu himself can't help but laugh at his infamous plane peeing incident. Depardieu and Baer will actually
“We are conscious of having benefited from a French system and a European environment that we are attached to and which we
The French actor Gerard Depardieu gave the passengers on a CityJet flight from Paris to Dublin quite the show on Tuesday
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The very process of radicalization had a devastating effect on the otherwise good life and good upbringing this young man had enjoyed.
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This unfortunate event is a call to action. It is worth placing full body scanners in all airports around the world.
Two black sedans with TSA special agents came to the Connecticut home of blogger Steven Frischling and walked out with his laptop computer, looking for the anonymous source who leaked a directive.