Australian Kmart stores removed this child bride costume after outcry from some disgusted parents. Now, other parents are petitioning to get it back.
The suspect denies stealing $300 in goods and blames the arrest on a "commercial dispute."
These recollections are just about as old as the Kmart deli's sandwich meat.
We live in an age of planned obsolescence. Most of us are aware of this on at least a subconscious level. Brand loyal tech
The decision follows Nordstrom's announcement that it had decided to stop carrying Ivanka Trump’s apparel because of declining sales.
> Rating: 2.6 > CEO approval rating: 20% > Employees: 178,000 (including Sears employees) > Industry: Department stores Kmart
I've contacted customer service by phone several times, and the representatives from India cannot assist me. The best they can do is tell me to wait three to five business days, then eight business days, and so forth.
Don't sleep on the Blue Light Special!
This commemorative day has officially replaced or challenged Columbus Day in in parts of the United States. South Dakota official replaced Columbus Day with Native American's Day in 1989. Other states -- California, Minnesota, Tennessee and Washington -- proclaimed their own official observances that take place before and after Columbus Day.
Speaking of financial investment, bras are not cheap. And I've been racking my brain, trying to understand what women, no matter the age, would frivolously throw out such expensive undergarments, especially when like a man, a good bra is hard to find.  
Meanwhile, Costco and Sam's Club will remain closed on Thanksgiving. Kmart certainly isn't the only store open on Thanksgiving
It's that time of year again. The smell of new crayons and the musty, vanilla smell of old books fill the air, while parents are anxiously shopping for the newest, trendiest clothes to start the school year.
The company said that sales to Shop Your Way members increased to 74 percent of eligible sales from 68 percent a year earlier