Outlets questioned whether Mayweather actually held up a knocked-out Paul to keep the fight going.
Ulysses "The Monster" Diaz didn't waste any time in beating Donelei Benedetto.
"I knew he was gone once that front kick landed."
We were walking on a New York City sidewalk when my son, who was holding my hand, stumbled. He didn't fall to the ground but his entire body jerked in a way that I knew he didn't just trip. I was baffled. Something bizarre happened. I turned around to see two high school aged girls, about 15-years-old, glaring at me.
The violent game appeared in cities across the country for years. In New York, the game has appeared to target Jewish victims
Diversity is one of the greatest strengths of this nation, and we must respect one another in a way that preserves and further develops this diversity. Therefore, when an injustice happens to anyone, it is the duty of all to speak up. Silence is akin to tacit acceptance.
In May, Marvell Weaver, 17, was playing a variation of "knockout," a brutal and senseless game in which an assailant sucker
The assault is being linked to "knockout," a game in which someone sucker punches an unsuspecting person with the intent