Adoptive parents like Brad and Angie are adamant that they love their adopted children the same as they would, or do, love the children born to them. They love them and treat them equally and want the best for all their children. But most states' laws do not treat adopted and non-adopted people equally.
When I wrote, "Amanda Knox is innocent," I believed it. I continue to believe it. The innocence is clear once you navigate the twisted, false and misinterpreted information published every day. That's the issue. There's a lot of faulty reportage out there.
Knox said in an interview due to be aired on Italian state RAI television on Tuesday night the case was taking so long to
"[Knox] says that there were all sorts of moments of heartbreak that we did not see, where she was weeping" People Magazine
Upon being released from jail in 2011, Knox returned to her native Seattle where she resumed studies at the University of
Nina Burleigh, Antonia Laterza and Richard Roth join Marc to discuss the controversy surrounding the forthcoming Amanda Knox book.
KNOX is the band brainchild of brother-sister duo Nic and Eliza Coolidge. Hailing from Boston and New York, the siblings are releasing their second EP, Here, on December 3rd, and it's a big step forward for the band.
As if arriving in Glasgow by privately chartered train wasn't special enough, the Jolie-Pitts are now settling comfortably
In the absence of hard evidence, witness after witness has testified to the strangeness of Ms Knox's behaviour after the