Kofi Annan

The former president honored the former United Nations leader following Annan's death on Saturday.
The Nobel Peace Prize winner took the incident in stride.
Tributes have flooded in for the Ghanaian diplomat, who has been hailed as "a guiding force for good" and a "visionary."
Each day, more than 28,000 people are forced to flee their homes because of conflict or persecution. To believe that migrants
2. Pay attention, because trafficking may be closer than you think. Before Ima Matul became a Survivor Coordinator at CAST
The impending appointment of a new United Nations secretary general provides an excellent opportunity to address some of the shortcomings in current processes - but the Security Council may not be totally on board.
"Now more than ever, we need strong leadership," writes Reetta Heiskanen (@reettahei), "not leaders who are only trying to
While in the U.S. this week, Suu Kyi is being applauded as a Nobel Peace Laureate and champion of the oppressed, her authority, mostly moral and political, but non-military, remains fragile at best. Without dedicated U.S. support for years to come, Myanmar stands to crumble as a patchwork of diversity and revert once more to authoritarian rule.
By all accounts, Barack Obama wants to bequeath to his successor a new secretary-general strong enough to stand up to any rogue national leader.
Luckily, momentum is building across the continent and the world to support African countries reach the global goal of universal
Policy based on common assumptions and popular sentiments can become a recipe for mistaken prescriptions and misguided interventions. Nowhere is this divorce between rhetoric and reality more evident than in the formulation of global drug policies.
Transforming the financing environment is the way to unleash Africa's full potential, for the benefit of all Africans for generations to come. Let's start now.
A nationally-televised presidential debate stage is, indeed, neither the time nor the place, one would think. This year, however, all the rules have been thrown out and we've got Donald Trump and Marco Rubio comparing relative penis sizes in their effort to become the so-called leader of the free world.
Now more than ever, leaders must show responsible judgement and respect for human rights and ethical values, rather than reaching for scapegoats and short-term solutions.
"The living will envy the dead." We are close to reaching the tipping point beyond which man-made climate change risks denying my grandson and his generation the right to a healthy and sustainable planet.
Africa can leapfrog over the damaging energy practices that have brought the world to the brink of catastrophe -- and show the world the way to a low-carbon future.
Original source study: Shameless Self-Promotion: There is, of course, much more news on the consequences and solutions to
I remain optimistic that one day we will see a world where leaders look beyond the next electoral cycle or the next shareholder meeting. Where we collectively realize that we do not live in a zero-sum world where someone's gain automatically comes at another's expense.
One Young World is the preeminent global forum for leaders aged 18-30. The not-for-profit organization hosts an annual Summit with 1,300 delegates from all 196 countries; drawn from businesses, universities, NGOs and other forward thinking organizations.