Turmeric, matcha, kombucha: Some trendy superfoods live up to the hype. Others may do more harm than good.
Naturally sweet and bubbly kombucha is more fun than popping a probiotic pill -- and has several health benefits.
Brewing Kombucha is cheap and easy to do at home. Skip the pricey store bought bottles and make your own batch of 'buch!
Plus, step-by-step illustrated directions on how to make your own batch.
While dating, I began to notice certain recurring trends that biased how I viewed every guy I went out with; criteria that resulted in often unsubstantiated 'Bye Felicias.'
Bon appetit! ♥ Vinegar & Kombucha: I've been using diluted cider vinegar as an astringent on my face for awhile. Some people