The animal has an unusual protein that could protect against complex infections.
Bali may be known as surfer’s paradise, Lombok has earned a reputation of being a blissful beach escape from the crowds, and
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Moving on from the Great Australian Saltwater Crocodile to the Komodo Dragon might seem a bit of a come down after so many thousands of teeth and so many thousands of pounds of jaw pressure, let alone the great length and weight.
"Seeing Dunia Baru coming from a distance is always a breathtaking experience." "Komodo has the big draw of being home to
Her looks might be respectfully olde-worlde but Dunia Baru (New World) has brought hundreds of years of Sulawesi shipbuilding traditions to a level of near-perfection.
They have large flesh-shearing incisor and canine teeth and super-potent jaws with an awesome bite, though not as potent
Exactly how popular is the street food movement right now? People started lining up outside the iron gates at the LA Street Food Festival at least an hour before it was slated to officially start.