Kool AId

The Estes Park homeowner said he's learned not to put deviled eggs in the trash.
Cory Booker's "Kool-Aid" quip and Joe Biden's flubs light up social media.
I cannot profess to know why ketogenic diets are the flavor of the week, other than the fact that there always is one of
Have you ever wondered about the “fifth” dentist? Maybe she works for Coca Cola. Maybe he works for Kraft, maker of Kool
Dear high school students who go on exotic summer internships, No offense, but traveling to an exotic location halfway around
Actor and singer Frank Simms also sang background vocals for David Bowie.
Harris Faulkner appeared shocked by the seemingly racially-loaded question.
For all of the CF bashers out there, I am not bashing you, but asking you not to put something down that offers a solution for many people to get off their butts, and instead, help me encourage people to take responsibility for their own health, more educated, mindful and smart.
It was only a matter of time before someone put their pickle in the Kool-Aid.
These characters will forever be in our hearts.
My kids have been going WILD for Strawberry snow ice cream this year. I think I made it once last year and apparently they remembered!
July 18 (Reuters) -- Kraft Foods Inc and SodaStream International Ltd expanded their partnership to include Kool-Aid to their
Tell me more about what it was like back then, my son urged. Well, I never rode in a car seat as a baby, I told him. In fact, my mom held me on her lap, juggling me and a cigarette at the same time.
The woman later told authorities that her brother was crazy and that he was upset because of the Kool-Aid while the brother
Do we all have our price? Do we fold, do we compromise, do we give in -- do we all have a price? Or in the words of the theme of our commentary, do we all drink the Kool-Aid?