They say in a lawsuit against Delta that they worked on flights to and from Korea, with many passengers who spoke Korean.
South Korean President Moon Jae-in had a surprise meeting with the North Korean leader.
Avoiding one-on-one time with women in a country with a huge gender wage gap is not progress.
“We wanted to surprise everyone and bring world peace and then we’re being escorted out by security guards, which I think is really unfair."
The world is watching as the Winter Olympics kick off in South Korea. But how do you pronounce the name of the host city?
South Korean prosecutor Seo Ji-hyeon inspired a wave of women to come forward and tell their stories.
“If there was a little more respect and a little more acknowledgment of where this is coming from, I wouldn’t be rooting for him to fail.”
The ambassador's job has been vacant for more than a year.
China's treatment of refugees makes a mockery of its commitments to the international community.
“Let us be those creative dissenters who will call our beloved nation to a higher destiny. To a new plateau of compassion
A video shows the woman saying, “... Oriental. I hate it.”
It's not the first time the U.S. has been on the verge of making an extraordinary mistake.