korean culture

The East and West have entirely different ways of looking at the same thing.
Your Ma is classic Tiger Mom. High expectations, blunt, and stubborn like a rock. When you argue with her, she doesn’t hear
A samplling of the thousands of dolls Mrs. Kim has created using her patented and simplified method. This is one reason why
Koreans must recognize that no matter how global they may be, their cultural DNA is Korean and they are undercutting their potential if they fail to introduce the best of Korean culture to their employees and their customers as part of their global strategy.
I tell most of my friends the fish story and they groan in horror. I tell my Korean friends the same story and they groan in recognition. My mother didn't worry about poisoning us. She knew we could take it.
I grew up in a very traditional household where authority was nearly absolute and we had to listen to orders and follow them almost blindly -- especially my two other sisters and myself since we were women.
Jeonju, a small city just a few hours' drive south of Seoul, is a treasure trove of historical buildings, interesting customs, and food -- food so good that the city was named UNESCO's 2012 City of Gastronomy.
K-pop is much bigger than skinny jeans and plastic faces. In fact, K-pop is transforming Korea as the world knows it.
Lying about whether you were a virgin was the standard way you dealt with the double-bind of satisfying desires and the resultant guilt and shame instilled by a repressive Confucian ethos. An MO, which -- as anything hidden does -- only produces greater shame.