Korean pop

Adele isn't the only one with a new album out.
K-Pop sensation Psy visited New York's biggest art haven this weekend, and instead of horse-dancing around centuries-old
K-pop is much bigger than skinny jeans and plastic faces. In fact, K-pop is transforming Korea as the world knows it.
There are a few combinations that have changed the world: Bacon and ice cream, chicken and waffles, golden doodles, and chocolate
K-pop is one of the really important things I’ve discovered in the U.S. It has helped me with many hard moments. My parents
This wannabe Gangnam playboy, agent and victim of the Korean Dream should be rather familiar to U.S. audiences, for he has a literary ancestor that goes by the name of Jay Gatsby.
This question originally appeared on Quora. By Christine Choi 3. Korea is very strategic in its members of pop-groups, in
American pop music industry, beware! Like a pied piper, these idol groups from Korea are captivating fans in North America.
Screaming fans pack K-pop concerts in Thailand, waving homemade, backlit support signs, and Korean stars endorse products
Long ago, when "Friday" was just a glint in an Arc Music Factory employee's eye, a viral hit emerged in which a gang of Korean