korean war

The president told Col. Ralph Puckett Jr., 94, that “rather than mail it to you, I would’ve walked it to you.”
The “Searching” actor told The New York Times that it was "a great trauma to move countries and ... be made fun of for the way I looked and talked."
Their resolution is a signal to show that Congress backs a peace treaty to end the decades-old conflict.
They hadn't seen each other since the Korean War broke out in the 1950s.
"We are encouraged by North Korea's actions and the momentum for positive change," press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said.
Contradicting Trump, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has stated that they have "not yet physically received them."
The president claims North Korea has returned 200 service members’ remains. That has not happened.
For more than 60 years, an official peace treaty has remained elusive. Until now.
The arrangements are in hopes of easing military tensions and taking steps toward a rare summit between the two countries.
It was a historic moment for the two warring nations.