The son of Metallica's bassist has now officially played with Korn.
You certainly weren't doing this when you were 12.
We're the luckiest band on the planet. We're just five guys from Bakersville, California. We go from that to the success we've had over the twenty years from our first release.
It's not the first time Davis has spoken out against the President. In 2011, he called Obama an "Illuminati puppet," telling
In a singles-oriented music landscape, it's easy to forget that these radio hits are part of a larger body of work. So who released the best albums of 2013? Here's a look at my top 10 picks for the year.
"I'm not hung up on little things like that. Jesus hung out with hookers and crazy people. I love where I'm at." HuffPost
I'll let you know right now, the chapter on the L.A. Hair Metal scene of the 1980s that wrought Van Halen, Motley Crue, Quiet Riot, Poison, et al, is one of the most fun and ultimately, maybe the most poignant.
Cult favorite rock band Korn is back with a new album. The rockers revealed details on the upcoming album this week in a
According to TMZ, the band is growing corn -- and other vegetables -- in a micro-indoor farm inside their studio. "Turns