Trump proudly claimed he sent an “envoy ambassador” to the Kosovo-Serbia border but the White House was quick to slap down his fantasy that he was still President.
“Truly, it is historic,” President Donald Trump said.
LGBTQ rights opponents blasted the event as a "parade of shame."
The team won 2-1 on a goal in the 90th minute by Xherdan Shaqiri.
The Iraqi Kurds’ referendum that was conducted several weeks ago won an overwhelming majority in favor of independence but
Freddy Lukovic fled his war-torn country with the help of an unlikely friend.
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To explore what it means to be queer in the Balkans, I decided to interview seven activists from six countries in the region.
Aleksandar Vucic speaks of reconciliation, but in practice he has done little to change the image we have of him as serving war criminals.
Watch these divers take the plunge in an annual bridge diving competition. Would you be tempted to take compete?
The Kosovo Security Force (KSF) should be upgraded into a full-standing army and integrated into NATO’s Partnership for Peace