There is no law requiring tampon makers to disclose their ingredients. Yet.
“Radical” campaigns do just enough to ride the wave of feminism while avoiding the violent backlash.
This past weekend The Period Shop popped up in New York City - part store, part girl cave, part happening, part marketing ploy.
When it comes to leadership at top companies that market to women, it turns out that it's still a boys club.
“Typically the prototype of the leader is a white male,” said Ragins, the University of Wisconsin professor. “So when we
The Weibo-driven campaign was designed to raise awareness about the Kotex brand, educate women about personal care issues
A Texas woman found an unexpected substance growing on an unused tampon: mold. Despite the apology, Jezebel's Erin Gloria
The release also provided instructions for those who have come into contact with the tampons. "The impacted product includes
From the earliest days of commercial pads, one hundred-plus years ago, femcare advertising has been a virtual saga of prudishness, cluelessness, and excessive caution bordering on total hysteria.