The Republican governor's motion to dismiss a lawsuit challenging election results called the complaints “outlandish.”
Sorry, that "massive disturbance" isn't what you think it is.
The current record and the first successful crossing of the Eastern Pacific in the classic-fours class was completed in 43
The organized state of the bones is the strongest evidence that some intelligent creature arranged them, McMenamin told LiveScience
Four alcohol consumption trends that Millennials are giving cheers to.
Champagne was given the same reasons when she was barred from Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey at Universal Studios
One strength of science is its process for considering even outlandish proposals, giving them a fair and skeptical hearing, and discarding those ideas which simply do not have the evidence.
McManamin's evidence to suggest a kraken-like creature killed the Ichthyosaurs found in Nevada: The researcher's theory stems
The desire to preserve and glorify faith is understandable, but when this desire becomes the central goal, it creates a lifeless version of the faith that is better suited for a museum.
Luxury publisher Kraken Opus mixed in a pint of Mr. Tendulkar's blood with paper pulp to create the signature page for a