Lady Blanka Rosenstiel of the American Institute of Polish Culture with Tad Sudol at a black-tie gala in the Waldorf Astoria
Bookstores, universities, market squares, and cafés are four things that make a city worth spending time in. In Krakow last week we happened upon the building that housed the world's first bookshop, opened in 1610 and still operating as a bookstore today.
At the same time, however, the mood during that week was in many ways extremely somber. Events like the murder of a priest
This Catholic youth festival looks more like a rock concert than a faith gathering.
Cafe Camelot, Krakow From my go-to cushioned corner at Siesta Cafe, Krakow Goldwasser Coffee Shop. Charming inside and out
It took some practice but... A myriad of sausage varieties Typical Polish nosh Served with just a little fried onion garnish
Still not had enough? Particularly after experiencing Nowa Huta (pronounced NOH-vah HOO-tah); the quintessential working
The Gate of Death at Birkenau. Train cars full of prisoners would roll through these gates, often straight to the gas chambers
My tortured translation of Misunderstanding's lyrics: Don't miss next week's stop on the Polish adventure or jump on the