I wasn't aware that the gods had Facebook auditing technology. And I swear to the gods that I shall never again post a snide
Hopefully this discussion will shed some light for those not directly involved in the information industry. It will also help you to answer the question, "Should I be in the cloud, and if so how do I get there?".
This game is gold, Jerry! Gold! It's got Junior Mints, Jason Alexander, an appearance by Miley Cyrus and yada yada yada ... it
Forty years ago I had no real backing for my intuition that exercise is the magic bullet, the universal panacea. Now even the brain is targeted for both preventive and therapeutic approaches to cognitive decline.
In 1997, Kramer attempted to gain the Democratic Party nomination for New York mayor, but he didn't get it. In 2001, the
Believe it or not, and you should believe it because no one starts a sentence that way and then follows it up with a lie, this week marks the 15-year anniversary of the Seinfeld finale.
Far from a "show about nothing," Seinfeld was actually an analysis of the ins and outs of daily human interaction-of the mundane social experiences previously not deemed worthy of exploration in front of a mass audience.
But first: three suggestions for a "traditional" Festivus gathering, according to George's father Frank Costanza: To inspire
July sure does seem to be a steamy month in Hollywood, and we're not referring to the weather! Watch this episode of Gossip
When Ali and I (working separately) came across Martin Kramer's six minute speech advocating population suppression to reduce