With Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) taking heat this week for a speech he gave to David Duke’s white supremacist group in 2002, Fox News’ Charles Krauthammer highlighted what he sees as a “double standard,” pointing to President Barack Obama’s past relationship with the controversial Reverend Jeremiah Wright as a prime example.
Fox's Krauthammer Derides GOP Flip-Flop On Obama's Executive Actions Krauthammer: "It Is Ridiculous To Sue The President On A Wednesday Because He Oversteps The Law ... And Then On A Thursday Say That He Should Overstep The Law"
It's all becoming clear now. House Republicans are just really big fans of Douglas Adams -- that's been their plan all along.
Said Krauthammer: Members of Congress and the White House are currently engaged in the first stages of negotiations to avoid
Border control will be most effective - and least expensive - when our immigration laws look like they were written in the 21st century, rather than the 19th.
There are those who blame all of America's financial woes on Bush's preoccupation with his Iraq and Afghan occupations and bin Laden.
If the Perry v. Schwarzenegger decision stands, it means that "sexual orientation" will be a protected classes of people. Not only would the battle for gay marriage be over, but all the legal battles gays now face would be over.
I don't know who devises and disseminates the GOP's talking points, but they're brilliant. And since brilliance is not a quality that I readily associate with Michael Steele, I'm guessing it's Roger Ailes.
Conservative temperatures rose shortly after Christmas when reports surfaced that members of a group that took "credit" for the failed "underpants" attack had previously been detainees at Guantanamo Bay.
I believe that US history shows that our intentions have not always been honorable and we have been looking out for our own self interests which are often based on greed and fear.