Russia's strict online censorship paradoxically exposes major shortcomings in its efforts to make its own internet a powerful tool of surveillance and social control.
Jake Sullivan, the White House national security adviser, is set to travel to Rome on Monday to meet with a senior Chinese official.
The list includes the U.S. and Ukraine, but Twitter users were surprised Liechtenstein, Montenegro and San Marino also made the cut.
The regions have requested independence and military aid. Ukrainian authorities deny launching an offensive against the regions and accuse Russia of provocation.
“Russia doesn’t threaten anyone,” said a Kremlin spokesman.
Navalny has been protesting prison officials' refusal to provide him medical care.
The "Late Show" host thinks he's figured out what Moscow calls the U.S. president.
Maria Butina will admit to being a Russian spy in exchange for leniency. Prosecutors say she infiltrated prominent conservative groups, including the National Rifle Association.
The claim was made on Russian state TV as the Kremlin goes into overdrive to boost Putin’s falling popularity.
Actor hails Putin as a "great world leader;" says he does not believe the Kremlin interfered in U.S. politics.