kris allen

An exclusive premiere of the "American Idol" alum's new track, "If We Keep Doing Nothing."
It's the first child for the couple. Kris revealed that the two were expecting after they were in a car accident in January
Should "American Idol" call it quits? Kris Allen seems to think so. Despite being proclaimed "vanilla" and a "guy with no
Sanjaya Malakar tends bar in the East Village. Camile Velasco worked at a Subway in Los Angeles. A.J. Gil became homeless
"We are proud to partner with IDOL GIVES BACK Foundation, FOX and AMERICAN IDOL on this special episode," said Kathy Calvin
The Real World: Brooklyn (MTV) - There is very little of any real interest on MTV these days, and that includes the godfather
IF Kris Allen doesn't want to sing the victory song "American Idol" judge Kara DioGuardi wrote for him -- then she'll do
THIS year's roundly disliked "American Idol" victory anthem, "No Boundaries," has been sent home. Over the weekend, "Idol
Maybe we're becoming information snobs, but discerning net surfers are demanding updated and transparent content on a number of subjects.
Boyle gives all late bloomers hope that we still have a chance to realize our own dreams. Want to be a singer? Run a marathon? Invent a flying car? Watching her, we know it's not too late!
It's been reported that staffers at AT&T -- a big Idol sponsor -- provided free text-messaging services at two parties supporting Allen in Arkansas.
AT&T, one of the biggest corporate sponsors of "American Idol," might have influenced the outcome of this year's competition
Many Americans view Kris Allen as holding the fort against the darkness of diversity and/or non-Christianity.
Instead of screaming on the soccer sidelines like an overzealous mother, I supported their desires and boosted their self confidence by listening, supporting and dreaming with them.
America is upset that Adam Lambert lost "American Idol" (even though it's its own damn fault), but we know one lady who's
So, could the black and glistening guyliner, the crystal cage shoulder pads, the inky Kelly Osborne bangs, been a factor in Adam Lambert's loss on the Idol finale?